ASFL Hall of Fame

Retired Numbers

#24 - Mike Slonina

Mike Slonina is the only person ever to shoot jump shots from all over the floor for 24 consecutive hours. Mike developed nerve damage in his left ankle at 13 years old effectively ending his playing career. Mike would go on to put on a shooting performance never before seen in basketball. On April 9th, 2011 Mike shot 73.2 percent and made national headlines. Among others, Mike was featured on the front page of both ESPN and while being featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, as well as thousands of other websites and blogs. 20 of the 24 hours Mike shot, he shot with a torn wrist. In that time span he shot over 75%. We do not know exactly how many shots he took from each spot, however we do know that the majority of them were NBA 3’s, high school threes, and mid range shots. This event was the birth of what A Shot For Life would grow into. He currently holds a world record on

#11 - Scott Arsenault

Scott Arsenault is the first winner of the A Shot For Life Challenge in Massachusetts. Over two hours, Scott shot over 90% from all over the floor in a shooting demonstration that very few in the world could duplicate. Scott currently plays at Lasell College.

#21 - Paul Calobrisi

Paul Calobrisi won the second annual A Shot For Life Challenge Male Division shooting over 87% in 2014. Paul was in the lead from the very beginning of the 2014 A Shot For Life Challenge and he did not look back. Paul played high school basketball in Westwood and currently studies Business Management on the UMass Lowell campus.

#1 - Kelly Fogarty

Kelly Fogarty is the only A Shot For Life shooter to win the A Shot For Life Challenge more than once. Kelly won the ASFL Challenge three years in a row, the only three years that she competed. To date, she is the only winner ever since our girls division was created. Kelly plays high school basketball at Walpole High School and will be a scholarship player at the University of Maine in the fall of 2017.

#34 - Isaiah McLeod

Isaiah McLeod’s A Shot For Life Challenge crown was with a heavy heart. Isaiah played his high school basketball at Cambridge high school where he lead the state in scoring and was arguably the best guard in Massachusetts. That season a member of the Cambridge basketball program, Davonte Neal, passed away by cancer. Affectionately nicknamed “Sweets”, Devonte was beloved by his community. Instead of his own last name on the jersey, Isaiah requested to have “Sweets” put on instead. Isaiah currently plays at Southern Connecticut State University.

#30 - Kellan Grady

Kellan Grady won the 2016 A Shot For Life Challenge in dramatic fashion. In a three-way tie with 2:30 left in a two hour shooting contest, Kellan exhibited tremendous poise knocking down almost every shot to take the crown as the best shooter in Massachusetts. Kellan was a rebounder volunteer when he was young at the first ever ASFL event. Through a tireless work ethic he would end up growing into a top Division 1 prospect in the New England area. Kellan will play at Davidson in the fall of 2017 after his final season at prep powerhouse Northfield Mount Hermon.

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