Volunteer jobs for A Shot For Life vary significantly. We have volunteer opportunities as small as being a floater at an event to help with miscellaneous tasks to being an A Shot For Life intern and assisting with the day to day operations of the organization.

Volunteer Way 1


Being a floater means that you do not have a specific job at an event however for the day you are considered part of the ASFL Event Staff. The main jobs of a floater include directing people where to go, assisting a staff member, and looking out for potential problems before they happen.

Volunteer Way 2


Working as a counter and working the desk are important jobs for A Shot For Life. A counter’s job is to use two pitch counters to track every shot taken and made by an ASFL shooter during the A Shot For Life Challenge. This is actually the most important job A Shot For Life has. Working the desk includes receiving money and giving change and presenting a positive and helpful attitude to everyone in attendance.

Volunteer Way 3

A Shot For Life Intern

As an A Shot For Life intern you will learn firsthand how a non-profit business operates on a day to day level. You will help oversee the rest of the volunteers. An ASFL internship is much more labor intensive than any either of the other two volunteer opportunities. We offer real world business experience in a fun but fast paced atmosphere.

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