ASFL Challenge

Plenty of basketball players have made big shots before but very few have taken and made shots that can help save someone’s life. Becoming a part of the A Shot For Life Family allows a player to do that.

ASFL Eligibility

The A Shot For Life Challenge is a marquee basketball shooting event that is unlike any of our other event. To be eligible to compete in the A Shot For Life Challenge you must be 19 or under and you must be in high school. Seniors who are going to college in the fall are eligible. You are chosen based on your shooting ability that was demonstrated during the previous high school season. The winner of the A Shot For Life Challenge is named the best shooter in the state where the ASFL Challenge is held and gets their number retired. To date, the six retired numbers are #24, #11, #21, #1, #34, and #30.

Players in our A Shot For Life family have gone on to play at collegiate programs such as Villanova, Davidson, Penn, and more.

The ASFL Challenge is our most prestigious event, wearing the ASFL logo competitively is something we take seriously.

The A Shot For Life Challenge is a two hour shooting contest meant to test the ability, endurance, and mental focus of all of the participants. The player with the highest shooting percentage at the end of the two hours is the winner. The two hours are broken down as follows:

  1. 20 Minutes: Free Throws
  2. 20 Minutes: Midrange
  3. 20 Minutes: Three Pointers
  4. 10 Minute Halftime
  5. 30 Minutes: Midrange
  6. 30 Minutes: Three Pointers

Being chosen for the A Shot For Life Challenge is based on a player’s shooting ability as well as their behavior on and off the floor. What school or what AAU program a player is involved with for bears no weight in the selection process whatsoever.

What we look for:

First and foremost we look at the player’s shooting ability, we are on a mission to find the very best talent in each state. Second but equally as important we look at the player’s attitude. If there’s a great shooter or player who is behaving in a way detrimental to his or her team that means that player will probably behave in a way detrimental to our program and will therefore not be chosen. If a player is on the watch list for the ASFL Challenge and is a great player and exhibits tremendous character they will also be considered even if their jump shot is not their best strength as a player.

Being picked for the A Shot For Life Challenge is an extremely competitive process between the very best players in a given area that takes place over a nine month period. There is a criteria that we look for, however, there is some subjectivity to the selection process. For instance, if a watch list shooter has a history of community service and volunteering with our organization it helps in the selection process.

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