ASFL University Program Information:

The A Shot For Life University program is our brand new initiative with collegiate basketball programs across the United States. Every three-pointer that one of our ASFL Universities makes, a certain dollar amount is donated to cancer research. The way it works is that person A might donate $1 per three, person B might donate $2 per three, company C might donate $20 per three, etc.

The money raised by our ASFL University Program benefits brain cancer research at the Dr. Curry Research lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. Specifically, we fund a program where Dr. Curry extracts cancer cells, manipulates them in his lab, and re-injects the cells back into the infected area of the patient. It’s a similar process to PRP treatment in players who hurt their knees and need to speed up their recovery time. The other project we fund in Dr. Curry’s lab is a dye to make brain surgeries safer and more effective. A brain tumor is indistinguishable from the tissue of the brain and while doctors certainly know where the tumor is, they do not know the rigid walls of it. The dye that Dr. Curry developed makes the tumor light up in the color of yellow Gatorade so that the doctor can make sure he gets as much of the tumor as possible without doing harm to the patient’s brain.

Below are links to the pledge pages of several of our ASFL University teams:

To support the Bentley Falcons’ Men’s and Women’s team, click here 

To support the Quinnipiac Bobcats Men’s team, click here

To support the Stonehill Skyhawks Men’s team, click here


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